Post-accident Determination Training [for FRA - Federal Railroad Administration]


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75 mins

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This FRA-APPROVED online course covers the supervisor training requirements under the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) rules found in 49 CFR Part 219 (with the main focus on Subpart C -- Post-Accident Toxicological Testing, and Appendix C). This training will help FRA-covered supervisors meet the training requirement for post-accident determinations as specified in 219.11(g).

As required, this course covers: 
- The qualifying criteria for post-accident testing and 
- The role of the supervisor is post-accident collections.
In addition, the course details:
Events for which testing is required (such as Major Train Accidents, Impact Accidents, Fatal Train Accidents, Human-Factor Highway-Rail Grade crossing accidents/incidents, and Passenger Train Accidents),
Criteria for testing (such as minimum thresholds and property damage),
Responsibilities of railroads and employees,
Specimen collection and handling (such as proper collection procedures and handling of the post-accident shipping "tox" box and form),
Completion of the FRA forms after a qualifying event (Accident Information Required for Post-Accident Toxicological Testing Form and the FRA Post-Accident Custody and Control Form),
FRA acess to breath test results,
Test reports (results) and how the FRA requires railroads to handle test refusals,
Reasonable suspicion and Reasonable Cause Testing,
Who you can and cannot test, and
Documentation and Reporting in FRA Post-Accident Situations.
THIS COURSE IS APPROVED BY THE FEDERAL RAILROAD ADMINISTRATION (copy of Approval Letter from the FRA available for download on our website):
Approved course ID# CTS-FRA-PA1




After completion of this training course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe his/her responsibilities under the Part 219 Rules in making post-accident determinations.
  • Identify the criteria for a qualifying accident which requires post-accident toxicological testing under the Rules.
  • Determine when (and when not) to test those involved following an accident.
  • Identify who should be tested following a qualifying accident.
  • Define a “regulated employee” and “regulated service”.
  • Define each of the types of accidents that may require testing under the FRA Rules.
  • Recite the current Reporting Threshold.
  • List the exceptions to FRA post-accident testing.
  • Assess situations in which a Reasonable Suspicion or Reasonable Cause drug/alcohol test may be warranted.
  • Document decisions relating to accidents and whether testing is to be conducted.
  • Report qualifying accidents to the NRC and the FRA in a timely fashion, as required by the Rules.
  • Cite the location and contact information for the FRA field office nearest to your location.
  • Initiate timely collections and testing in post-accident situations.
  • Select and utilize the proper post-accident tox box/kit for each particular type of accident.
  • Properly complete required forms and paperwork in post-accident collections/testing.
  • Guide and instruct medical/collection site personnel in proper post-accident toxicological testing and collections.
  • Notify the appropriate agencies in the event of a fatality.
  • Arrange overnight transport and proper chain of custody procedures for specimens.
  • Utilize and consult with others in the post-accident determination and testing process, as needed (such as the DER, FRA personnel, etc.)
  • Know when an employee may (and may not) be recalled for a test after they have been released from duty.
  • Utilize the Post-Accident Testing Flow Chart to assist with testing determinations.
  • Discuss the Rules relating to test refusals and disqualification.
  • In a timely manner, find his or her resources, references, and documents relating to the Regulations and the representative’s responsibilities in post-accident situations.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate FRA Post-Accident Determination Training Certificate

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